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一三说 Ask Dr.Yishan
一生二,二生三,三生万物。“一三说”,来自美国硅谷的泛心理知识科普播客,带给您专业,靠谱,实用的减压小知识,用心理学帮您调节情绪,提升睡眠和性健康。每两周一期,涵盖睡眠科学,性科学,压力管理,心理调节,职场应对,饮食健康,两性关系,个人成长,等方方面面。主持人一三博士(Dr. Yishan...

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Hello, I am Dr. Yishan Xu, a licensed clinical psychologist and a sleep specialist in California. I want to use my knowledge to deliver evidence-based information about sleep, health, and mental health. You can read more about our clinic at: www.mindbodygarden.com.